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IAQ Analytics is the leading provider of online reports to remediation and property professionals who use modern metering equipment to rapidly test indoor air for presence of airborne particles, and the relative levels of these. Clients input the air quality data that they have collected on-the-job using a handheld meter, and then the Web App references that data against a cross section of published standards and guidelines. Results of indoor air quality (IAQ) testing are analyzed and reviewed by a scientist to provide you with a high-quality report, instantly. Other particulate matter IAQ reporting services require days to weeks of lab time, or postal and courier time. The IAQ Analytics product and service is yours, in the hand now, and facilitates, promotes, and documents your business. Just input information about your equipment, sampling duration, number of rooms, and the particle counts in each room, to rapidly receive an indoor air quality analysis.

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Ready to submit data for analysis? Air quality levels may be analyzed at a single point in time, or compared before and after remediation has taken place.

Example reports can be be requested from your trainer.

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